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How to Attach a Ski Tube to a Boat

Tow rope

This tow rope is rated for up to 2 riders.

Attaching a ski tube to a boat is fairly simple, but with all the different types of ski tubes and boat setups available, we thought we’d share a few tips on hooking up your towable.

Choosing a Tow Rope

First things first. To hook your towable up to the boat, you’ll need a tow rope. Make sure you get the right one for your towable.

The correct tow rope should be:

  • Made specifically for ski tubes
  • Rated for the number of riders on your tube
  • Long enough to keep the tube at least 20 feet from the boat

Attaching the Rope to the Tube

Next, attach the rope to your towable. There will either be an eye or a plastic quick connect on the ski tube. Loop the end of the tow rope through the eye and back through itself—or, if you have a plastic quick connect, loop the end of the tow rope through the center of the quick connect, and then pull the eye around the sides of the plastic piece.

If you bought a heavy duty tow rope, you might have to do a little twisting and pushing, but it should still fit through the eye.

Attaching the Rope to the Boat

Now attach the other end of the rope to your boat. Where you attach the rope depends on the style of your boat. If you have a ski ring, you can pull the loop through the ring and pull the top of the eye down over the sides of the ring.

If you don’t have a ski ring, you should have attachment points at the rear of the boat on either side. You’ll need to attach a “Y” rope or tow harness to these points, and then you can attach the tow rope to the harness. Loop the end of the tow rope through the quick connect on the harness in the same way you connected the tow rope to the ski tube.

Use the loop method to attach the ski tube—never knots. Using a knot can make the line weaker by up to 80 percent.