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How to Put On Snowshoes


Atlas Snowshoes with wrap bindings

How to put on snowshoes depends on the type of bindings you have, but there are a few general tips that apply to putting on any type of snowshoes.

How to Put on Snowshoes

Loosen the bindings, including the heel strap and any foot or toe straps. They should be loose enough to slip your boots into the bindings.

With your boot centered properly in the bindings, your toes should have enough room to keep from hitting the front decking as you walk. Tighten all straps. The heel strap should be snug against the back of your boot.

Boots for Snowshoeing

Your boots should be small enough to fit in the bindings of your snowshoes. If the bindings are too small, you may need bigger snowshoes or boots with thinner soles. Snowboard boots and winter boots work the best, but any waterproof shoe will do. If your boots are low-cut, use gaiters to keep the snow out.

Snowshoe Sizing

If your snowshoes are worn correctly but they are still uncomfortable for walking, you may need different size snowshoes. Narrow snowshoes are better for women, who naturally have a narrower gait than men. You may also need longer or shorter snowshoes, depending on your height and weight.

Snowshoe Bindings Video

To watch how to put on Atlas snowshoes with wrap bindings, see the video below.